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Using Home Image Effects you can image transform, crop, noise, tiled, RGB, gray scale, bright, contrast, tint, twirl
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10 June 2011

Editor's review

No doubt there are tons of image editing software available in the market today, but despite such widespread availability, very few are actually capable of fulfilling home-users’ need to refurbish their image collections without going too harsh on their pockets. Yes, the issue with most of these software is that they often tend to be more expensive than any home-user would feel comfortable paying-up for. And as for those free products available out there on the Web, well a majority of them bring you nothing else but just cheap mimicries of one or two features in Photoshop or other such popular products. However, keeping in mind of this problem, the developers at Cristallight Software has come up with an excellent software named Home Image Effects 1.2.5 that despite being reasonable in terms of price, offers you a handful of quality and practical features.

Even though it is primarily aimed at home users, the fact being quite obvious in its name itself, Home Image Effects 1.2.5 does bring you a bunch of professional quality features that you can exploit with just a few clicks on the mouse in order to enhance your photos and images by adding various effects. Unlike most software of its kind, this affordable product fetches you an easy-to-understand user interface. All major controls and options are located on the left and bottom ends of the application-window. Astonishingly, the program brings you over 100 effects and filters - way more than even some expensive and so-called professional software. Once you are done with the editing part, you can save the image to virtually any format you want to include jpeg, png, bmp and what not!

So, after going through all these luscious features that the program brings you, it will be really unfair to give it any less score than four rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

Home Image Effects has a simple and intuitive interface, so editing of pictures is very easy. First choose the image through File menu, or use drag and drop option to place image into application editor view.
You also can apply effects, which are available without any additional windows. HomeImage Effects provides a nice set of effects for juicing up your photos or creating custom images. We provide you ability to use any from 100 Core Image Effects and Filters from Apple Macintosh OSX or our custom filters for image manipulation.
Using our software you can image transform, crop, noise, tiled, RGB, gray scale, bright, contrast, tint, twirl, bump, pinch and much more. Provided custom effects give you ability to modify image or create new one using random image generators.
Main Features:
- Core Image effects,
- OpenGL effects,
- Custom image effects,
- save files to mostly used formats ( JPG, TIF, PNG, BMP, SGI and more) with different resolution amounts,
- rotate image by 90 angle,
- flip image,
- resize image,
- and more...
Home Image Effects
Home Image Effects
Version 1.2.5
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